Everybody’s Starry-Eyed

A little about me: I graduated this past summer with my degree in Entrepreneurship from Oklahoma State University. I’m living in a pretty small town, and while I try to start my career I’m playing with photography and other things that I’ve always had an interest in. I take the majority of these pictures in my backyard when I get off work because I love the way the trees break up light. I like to try to keep my editing to a minimum but I do want to work on different ways of editing my photos. I have a ways to go in this field but it’s exciting to be at the beginning of something I care about.

A little about this girl you keep seeing: This is Morgan. She’s awesome and lets me take lots of pictures of her to practice. She’s my go-to MUA, a talented artist, and (as you can see) can work a camera. My eyebrows are always on point when she’s around.







A bubble wand made an appearance.

As did Blue-Skadoo. (See more of me and Blue’s famous booty here.)


  IMG_3177 IMG_3176

IMG_3103 IMG_3101

IMG_3099_edited-1 IMG_3110

IMG_3153 IMG_3155








This was definitely one of my favorite sets so far. Thanks for reading! :]

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