I don’t know if I’ve made it clear yet, but I absolutely love fall and all that comes with it. The air gets crisp, you’re surrounded by beautiful colors, and, best of all, Halloween! I love seeing what costumes people choose, how they decorate their houses, and getting creative, myself. I always have so much fun decorating for Halloween in particular… Something about the mysteriousness in the turn of the weather, or my inner childhood desire to be a witch – I’ve always had a soft spot for All Hallows’ Eve. I’ll share an easy decorating favorite in the bottom portion of this post. :]



(Throwing in some cat and nature shots for good measure.)

Blue scowling


DIY: Easy Flying Ghosts

IMG_3535 IMG_3539

I’m not really sure where this idea came from but I’m sure if I were to search I could find it all over Pinterest. The last few years I’ve made these and hung them all over my house, porch, and yard. They remind me of a simple craft you’d learn in kindergarten, or the paper snowflakes you make at Christmas. Oh – and they’re a great way to use up all those plastic bags cluttering your kitchen drawers! (That’s honestly a huge part of the reason I like making these so much, haha.) Here we go!

Equipment needed:  Several white plastic grocery bags, scissors, string, scotch tape

Step 1: Start by laying your bag flat. Gather a few more bags, wad them up, and put them in one corner of your flattened bag.


Step 2: Tie the end of your string under the lump to create a neck.


Step 3: Cut the handles off the bag so it can fan out.


Step 4: Cut out the logo, being sure to leave as much of the bag as possible.

Step 5: Cut! Shred that bag to your heart’s content!


Step 6: Tape the back of the ghost’s head to hide the string and keep it straight up. If there’s some remaining print, tape over it so it will be in the back. Draw on a face or add some googly eyes, if you like!


Step 7: Hang and enjoy your ghoulish creation!


Don’t forget to toss them in the recycling bin November 1st!

Thanks for reading, have a safe and spooky Halloween!

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