Corey & Kelley

So, this was my first couples’ shoot. It was a little trying (I don’t think they were very into it, but her mom was!) but I learned a lot to use on my next shoot, and I think we ended up with some good shots in the end.


I’ll throw in this picture I took while eating pizza at my Aunt’s.


I’m curious: I wanted to ask this client to remove his hat so I could see his face easier, but didn’t want to make him feel more uncomfortable than he already was – there was also some hat hair to consider, ha. So, in this case, what would you do, photographers? Keep it on or take it off?

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  1. Kelley says:

    This is really good Emily I love it just don’t know how to tag you or save them


  2. Aunt Lori says:

    Awesome pics…I like the first one best. I am not a photographer, as you know, but I would leave the hat on. That is what he is most comfortable in and would allow you to get the best results. Great job!


    1. emilyvii says:

      Thank you so much! I agree. He seemed much more comfortable that way.


  3. Kelly watson says:

    These photos are so beautiful she really did a good job you should hire her I will recommend her to anyone


    1. emilyvii says:

      Thank you, Kelley! I appreciate it. šŸ™‚


      1. Your welcome šŸ™‚


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