Copeland Family Photos

A few days ago I had the opportunity to take some first-time family photos for some good friends. We were all a little worried how much shooting time a one-year-old had, but she rocked it! (And luckily Jenni brought a banana to keep her entertained – worked like a charm.)   I’m so happy I…

Chelsea’s Grad Photos

Hi, Internet! I recently got the opportunity to take some photos for my friend Chelsea, who’s about to graduate nursing school. It was a lot windier than we expected, but we had a lot of fun around White Rock and downtown – you know it’s a good shoot when you stop in the middle for…

Rylie’s Grad Photos

Last week I had the opportunity to meet a fellow Sharkie and take her grad photos at UT Arlington. It was supa fun! Check ’em out below.

“Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller”

After six years in Stillwater, I’m finally moving! I have less than a week left, then it’s off to Dallas for a new chapter of my life. I’m really excited, but it’s also a little scary… but in the best way possible. Things are getting pretty crazy as I get ready to leave, but last…

Corey & Kelley

So, this was my first couples’ shoot. It was a little trying (I don’t think they were very into it, but her mom was!) but I learned a lot to use on my next shoot, and I think we ended up with some good shots in the end.   I’m curious: I wanted to ask…

Happy Holidays!

          If anyone would like any of these photos to print or save, email me at and I’ll gladly send them to you! Happy Holidays, everyone!  

Loyal & True

Recently I had the opportunity to meet this lovely lady and take her senior portraits. She was so full of energy and fun, it made this shoot so easy even with a bit of a time crunch. Thanks for being so great, Taylor! Below are a few of my favorites from the set.

Smoky Sunday

Today’s post is a fun shoot with Morgan featuring a little fall and a little smoke. I’m so excited fall is here! October is actually my favorite month, and Halloween one of my favorite holidays (as you can tell from my updated spooky cover photo).          I’m hoping to get more creative with…

Everybody’s Starry-Eyed

A little about me: I graduated this past summer with my degree in Entrepreneurship from Oklahoma State University. I’m living in a pretty small town, and while I try to start my career I’m playing with photography and other things that I’ve always had an interest in. I take the majority of these pictures in…

White After Labor Day

Here are some shots from a quick evening shoot with Alexis a few weeks back. Details! You can never go wrong with a classic like gold and lace. Southern feels