Denton Courthouse Elopement


May 9, 2024

Elopements are blowing up this year! More and more couples are looking for a stress-free way to tie the knot that feels intimate without breaking the bank. As someone who eloped, I totally get this. I wanted to focus our savings on our future (hello, housing market) but still have our marriage feel like a celebration. When we decided to elope, I put a lot of energy in to finding the right photographer. I wanted to make sure that moment was captured so we could look back on it, and I’m so happy we did. Today is actually our anniversary, and I’ve spent the morning looking over our elopement photos just loving every single one. I hope I can give you that same feeling! Keep scrolling to check out this Denton Courthouse elopement.

Denton Courthouse Elopement

Denton Courthouse elopements are quickly becoming one of my favorites. While the Tarrant County Courthouse in Fort Worth is one of the most popular elopement spots in DFW, the newly improved Denton County Justice of the Peace is a gorgeous alternative. They have a cool atrium that gives a grandiose feel to your intimate ceremony, and the columns and windows outside make for cool photos after. (Make sure to book that atrium in advance!) I also highly recommend bringing something like a cake to share for an extra element in your photos. Those little traditional elements don’t have to go away just because you’re eloping! If anything, they can make your elopement more fun. (Or you can ditch ’em! The point is to make it your own.)

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DFW Elopement Photographer

Elopement packages include an hour and a half of photography coverage. That means we’ll have enough time together to get photos of your ceremony, guests you have attending (if any), and a newlyweds session of you and your partner. If you want a little extra time or a second location, I offer additional coverage by the half hour. Click here to get started!

Denton Courthouse Elopement Photographer

denton courthouse elopement

DFW Elopement Packages

dfw elopement photographer
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