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June 7, 2024

H + C chose their private land to exchange their vows. This spring has been one of the rainiest seasons for DFW elopements, and we got absolutely drenched. When I pulled up to the house – currently being renovated so they’re staying on RVs on the land behind it – my foot went straight into a deep puddle of mud. Luckily, I was prepared for the worst, because the rain was not stopping, and there was no coverage once we rode those ATVs to the ceremony site in the woods. (Shoutout to the officiant for showing up in the weather! You can find his info at the end of this article.) A clearing in the trees with hanging candles, petals, and chairs created a ceremony space for their few guests.

The dogs guided us until we could see the candles in the trees and make our way. At that point, everyone just embraced getting wet and muddier than anyone ever thought possible. It was honestly awesome. It totally set the scene for a romantic woodland elopement.

DFW Woodland Elopement

As Heidi headed down the aisle, music playing from a speaker as their guests huddled under umbrellas. Rain dripped from the candles, soaking us all to our cores. Quietly, we listened to it fall and make puddles at our feet. With shivering hands they whispered vows to each other through smiles, only separating to wipe their eyes from rain (or tears) and to exchange rings. Their first kiss was marked with a cheer from the crowd and a crack from the sky.

Afterwards, we all loaded up in the ATVs to go back to the house. Earlier her maid of honor set up a reception dinner under a tent, but the winds were kicking too hard and forced us inside. Luckily, since their house was being renovated and the insides gutted, there was plenty of space to host. They moved the tables in and gathered together for a family dinner. They popped champagne. The tables were topped with wildflowers from their fields. A beautifully simple day with the main focus on them. That’s one of the reasons I love elopements like this – it really gives you the ability to focus on your love.

DFW Elopement Photographer

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Photography: On the Vine Photography
Officiant: Rick Sutherland, Dallas Wedding Officiant

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