Trip Recap: Destination Photography in Charleston

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June 17, 2023

summary: A first look at my recent content trip to Charleston, then we talk about wedding photography pricing and travel locations.


beach picnic in Folly Beach, SC engagement session

Jahme and Gabby were THE BEST. They obviously had so much fun running around the beach together. And those blue-hour tones just before sunrise on the empty beach, with the cute little romantic picnic setup?? Get outta here. Too good. Chef’s kiss. 10/10.

We woke up crazyyy early to get the blue hour light, or the hour just before sunrise, and it was totally worth it. I love the way the yellow dress looks in all the blue. We hit Folly Beach just in time; we had the whole beach to ourselves while we set up our picnic spot. It was so easy to jump into this shoot. We were all so excited and that beach air just got us HYPED.

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Ready for a shoot like this?

Charleston Content Retreat

This is the first post I’m making from my trip to Charleston this April.

Charleston is one of my favorite cities. In what I refer to as “my past life” – when I was still a restaurant manager, about three years ago – the company sent me to Charleston for a week to help out one of our stores. That was pretty sweet. Luckily it was a brunch place, so when we closed around 3pm I would get out of there as fast as I could and go sightseeing. I walked literally everywhere. Walking around downtown Charleston in August is hot af, but sooo worth it. I’m a huge history nerd and it was just a wonderful place to get lost, grab ice cream, learn some stuff, and people watch. I only had my little travel camera at the time, but I’ll throw in some photos I took on my original trip.

The classic Rainbow Row in Charleston, SC and some shots walking around downtown

When I went this past April, I got to go for a ton of amazing photoshoots, which I can’t wait to share here. (You can catch some of it on my Instagram now! Plus all the incredible food I ate in Charleston, lol.) This one, with Jahme and Gabby, was one of my favorites, just because of their energy. Living proof that when you have fun in your session, it truly comes out in your photos.

Anyway, yeah. I love Charleston a bunch. And you know what happens when I love a place enough. That’s right: it becomes part of my discounted travel list.

That means that if you want to book me as your wedding photographer somewhere outside of DFW or Eureka Springs, then you could expect to book me for your wedding day for only the price of your wedding package plus a flat travel rate of $800. This flat rate is a f*cking steal, and is all I’d ask for to cover my airfare, lodging, meals, and ground transport for your wedding day. This makes it super easy for you because we aren’t going back and forth, pricing out hotels in the area, trying to book flights while they’re still at their cheapest. You can know what to expect and feel confident in booking me for your wedding day. If I’m available, I’ll be there!
(And I’ll only be offering this deal to a few couples, so get on it! 👏🏻)

Destination Wedding Photography Packages

Where else do I offer discounted travel?

I also offer discounted wedding photography to:
The Pacific Northwest (specifically Cannon Beach, OR)
Orlando, FL
Port Aransas, TX
Charleston, SC
Folly Beach, SC

Where do I offer no travel fees?

I offer no travel fees, what you see is what you get, all-inclusive full day wedding packages in:
Dallas, TX
Fort-Worth TX
Waco, TX
Oklahoma City, OK
Eureka Springs, AR
Table Rock Lake, MO

Ready to get started? Click below to tell me a little about what you’re looking for.

Talk to you soon!

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