5 Things to Remember at your Rehearsal for Great Wedding Photos


June 4, 2022

Here are a few quick and easy tips to remember for your wedding rehearsal to help you get the best photos on your big day. These little adjustments make a huge difference in your final gallery!

1) Tell your officiant to move

As much as we love our officiants, you don’t want someone hanging out in the background of your first kiss! Remind your officiant to step to the side after pronouncing you.

2) Have your groomsmen stand with their hands clasped in front

Remind your groomsmen to stand with their hands clasped in front during the ceremony. If you have trouble organizing everybody, try holding the left hand over right. Be sure to remove all cell phones, wallets, and pocket knives before heading down the aisle to avoid bulky pockets in photos!

3) Remind bridesmaids to hold bouquets at their navel

A good rule of thumb for bridesmaids is to hold their bouquets at their navel with the tops pointed slightly out.

4) Hold hands during the ceremony

Remember to hold hands during the ceremony! It can feel awkward getting up there and trying to remember what to do, but holding hands with your partner will not only make for better photos, but will help calm your nerves.

5) Pause for a kiss while you exit

Stop for a quick kiss in the middle or end of the aisle for a great shot as newlyweds!

Afraid you’ll forget? Download this list below for free and save these tips for your wedding rehearsal!

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