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May 3, 2023

Here’s a quick look at this sweet little in-home couples session.

I get asked a lot if I do in-home sessions, what in-home photo sessions are, and things to do during an in-home session. I’ll go ahead and address all of these! They’re pretty flexible, which is one of the best things about them. The whole point is to get a genuine, comfy look at you as a couple, family, or even brand. It’s a much more documentary-style feel, with more prompts than poses, if anything. This is an especially great alternative to renting a studio now that we’re starting to get into the warmer months. I love ’em!

McKinney In-Home Photo Sessions

  1. What are they? In-home sessions are portrait sessions done in your home or an equally familiar space. This gives you such a way more intimate, relaxed experience without all the forced posing and strange backgrounds. A lot of people worry that they would have to clean up and make everything picture-perfect, but that’s not true! Embrace the messy! It’s part of real life – especially if you have kids. I mean, maybe pick up a little bit… but don’t think you need to put it off until you redo the backsplash or anything.
  2. What do we do? Some things to do during an in-home session, whether for a couple or a family session, are play a game or with a pet, bake something (like Meg + Colt did below!), plant something, read a favorite book, or look over a photo album. Get creative!
  3. This sounds so fun! Can I book one? Yes, I definitely do offer in-home family and couples sessions! Now that you know a little more about what to expect, click here to get started! ⬅️
Can you spot the Texas-shaped cutting board?

McKinney Family Photographer

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