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January 16, 2023

Before I was a photographer, I worked in the restaurant industry for 10 years. (I actually give that a lot of the credit for my hard work ethic, hilarious retorts, and ability to stand up for hourssss and hours on end.) Working in some awesome restaurants around Dallas-Fort Worth, I’ve definitely found a few hidden gems. Places that would be great for a rehearsal dinner, bachelorette party, or bougie spot to hit when your in-laws are in town. Tiler and I also eat out like we’re researching for a food blog, so I like to think that I know a few things about the food scene in Dallas. I’ve decided I should probably share all this in a big list – because I haven’t seen another one like it – and I’m going to start with a request I see all the time in wedding groups: FOOD TRUCKS IN DFW THAT AREN’T TACOS OR BBQ!

This is a tall order in Texas. 😂 But I promise you there are some amazing wedding catering options out there that aren’t all taco trucks or BBQ, they’re just hard to find – until now!


What if you had a boba tea bar at your reception? What if you prefer street noodles and sushi for a late-night snack instead of pizza?
What if your guests could walk up and order food that reflected your culture, instead of someone else’s? Do you even really like the catering options you’re trying?

Today, I’m going to be sharing a huge list of Asian food trucks in DFW. I’m really excited. This list is a compilation from the Facebook group Asian Grub in DFW, so shoutout to them and admin Vu for their help with this! If you’re planning a Southeast Asian wedding in DFW, you may want to save this post for future reference.


• An Choi (Vietnamese street food)
• WTF – What To Fry (Laotian)
• Sushi Dojo DFW
• Ober Here (Filipino owned)
• Mooshie (Vietnamese street food)
• The Bop Bop (Korean BBQ)
• Truck N’ Thai
• Jababae (Taiwanese, scheduled to reopen on August 17, 2023)
• Siêu Ăn Vặt Texas (Vietnamese)
• Em & Bubba’s (Vietnamese fused w/ TX-style BBQ)
• Daddy Chan’s Wings and Things (Cambodian, Thai, Laotion)
• No Rules Catering
• F&F Express (Japanese & Korean fusion)
• Góc Ăn Vặt Real Yellow Food Truck (Vietnamese)
• Ham Ăn Fam (Vietnamese)
• J Wok Kitchen (mixed Asian cuisine)
• Mint Kitchen (Thai)
• Mingling Mouth (smoked meats & Asian fusion)
• Nammi (Vietnamese street food)
• Bobaddiction
• Angkor Brothers (Cambodian)
• V-Trất Supper (Vietnamese street food)
• Casian Food Truck (Cajun Asian)
• Mike’s Chicken Shack
• The Zoo (Vietnamese)
• Yim Yam (Thai fusion)
• Laotino Eats (Laotion & Latin cuisine)
• The Saucy Hibachi
• The Pudding Club
• AlmighTea-Boba
• R-Roy Zapp (Thai & Laotian)
• Heritage BBQ (Filipino fused w/Tx-style BBQ)
• Angel Touch Kitchen (Indonesian)
• INARU Hibachi and Sushi Truck
• Da Nang Quan (Vietnamese)
• Fatni BBQ (Chinese) (coming soon)
• Scoop N’ Buns (Filipino inspired ice cream & desserts)

I hope this is helpful! You can find all kinds of different vendors in DFW like this on my vendor list when you book a wedding photography package with me.


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Happy planning,

PS – If you’re a local food truck vendor in DFW who’d like to be added to this list, send me an email!

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