Dave & Buster’s Frisco Engagement Photos


August 22, 2023

arcade engagement Photos

Courtney and Sean found me at the Mid Cities Bridal Show in Dallas last spring. We planned out a wedding photography package in Dallas for their ceremony this fall. They wanted to do something different for their engagement photos, so we decided to head to Dave & Buster’s in Frisco.

Now I don’t know about y’all, but I love the arcade. My husband and I try to go at least once a month, preferably on half price Wednesday (iykyk). It makes a great date night in Dallas if you’re looking for things to do, and turning your engagement session into a date night is always a great way to go. My favorite game by far is the coin machine. Idk the real name for it, but you probably know what I’m talking about. The game with the coins and the little tray that moves back and forth, and you shoot the coins to make the piles fall? That one. I fucking love that game.


One of my favorite requests is when a couple chooses their local hangout for their engagement photos. Coffee shops, town squares, arcades, pizza joints, dive bars, rooftops – I love ’em all. The weirder and more stickers on the wall, the better.

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I’m Emily, a wedding photographer in Dallas, TX. I have a colorful documentary style that focuses on the major milestones and all the little moments in-between. I want to make you feel comfortable and supported throughout your engagement, because I know planning a wedding (and the wedding industry in general) can be intense. I’m a safe space; one who can give you a quality experience and still get down with you on the dance floor.
Let’s plan your wedding photography coverage together, and create a unique engagement session that speaks to your personality in a timeless, genuine way.

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